Days in Bali Wetsuit : REVO  Rong Tupper Front zip short pants : Time-R 2015Summer Collction HS surfboard Hypt […]

I have a feeling that world time rotates late when I go to Bali Mount Fuji from the sky Transfer of the domest […]

Happy Sunny Saturday…..

There is various characteristic by a surfboard. The present board has good turn.

The weather was good, too, and the wave was a fan, too. A secret of Chigasaki looks forward to that a wave bre […]

Thank you colors-magazine. ( kume bro’s With Fuji Mountain and Eboshi Roc […]

Happy new year!! We are looking forward to hearing from you everybody. Let’s enjoy 2015 It was the best […]

X’mas Session with Kohei . Kaito and Masato . Hangover session video coming soon…..

2 combos by yuhei kume photo by shinichi suzuki. I look forward to the next session. thank you.